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Royal Greeting
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Current Month
Jan. 27th, 2009 @ 02:42 pm *sigh*
I opened my snack drawer in my desk just now.
NOTE: Yes, I have a drawer in my desk where my snack stash is stored. I rarely carry cash, so I buy snacks in bulk at the bookstore. In my last office, half my drawers were committed to long-term storage of old crap, so when I moved, I didn't have enough stuff to fill up my desk anyway.
There's nothing in the snack drawer but a couple of empty bookstore bags and two containers containing the leftover dust from their long-ago-eaten cargo of chipotle flavored peanuts.

Fond as I am of chipotle dust, I reckon I'll be heading to the bookstore when I finish writing the page I'm working on.

Only a little more code to go. We now return you to our regularly scheduled work day.

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