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Royal Greeting
Welcome to the Realm of the Sun King!

His Highness, the SolarMonarch, welcomes you to his corner of the internet. The place is stacked high with anecdotes, lectures, round-table discussions, laments, caprices, and, of course, proclamations. Mind your step, but don't mind the madness.

Be respectful, share your thoughts, and have some fun - but if you can't be nice, carry on to Junebug's Isle with y'moon face and moody self.
Current Month
Mar. 3rd, 2009 @ 10:08 am The Fractured Fairy Rides Again!
In much the same way that any airplane the President is on automatically becomes "Air Force One," whenever the Flying Buttresses take a road trip, the car becomes, for the moment, The Fractured Fairy. This weekend, Miltie and Fanny will be hauling out of town for the cobblestone streets and decadent dining of our favorite destination: New Orleans!

I haven't been on trip out of town in 22 months. The respite will be most welcome! :-)
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Fractured Fairy