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Royal Greeting
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Current Month
Apr. 6th, 2009 @ 08:54 am Whither, Weekend?!
Jiminy Christmas. This weekend was busy! Fun, sure, but busy as all get out. As lazy as I have been in recent months, it was a nice change to look back on everything I had accomplished, though. Check out this brief recap:

Saturday, I woke up at 9:00, put the coffee, and finished the third and final load of laundry I began Friday night. From there, I went out and mowed both the front and back yards. Then, for the sake of easing Ms. K's allergy woes, I took the chainsaw to the privet hedges and eliminated all three of them and dragged them to the road. A quick shower later, and I was off on an errand for Junior. I returned to Chez K at 11:30, threw the pieces of the mobile set into the car, and zipped down to the secret lair of the Company for a set work day/rehearsal. That went until four. After that I took Junior out for some supper, and then watched a little TV.

Sunday, I awoke to the sound of loud rain. I figured there was no way we were going to be called out to the old ironworks for a Shakespeare rehearsal. We were. I called up the car-less boys and we all went out for a spot of brunch before rolling around in a hundred years worth of dust, rust, and various flavors of dirt. We finished up there, took a brief lunch break, and then had another Company rehearsal til 5:30. We struck the mobile set, loaded it back in the car (I borrowed a sewing machine! That means I get to tailor new drapes this week...), and then it was back to Chez K for some necessaries before I joined... hmm, he needs a nickname... well, "the Lion" at his place for the pay-per-view of Wrestlemania 25. I had never seen one of these things, and it was quite a spectacle!

This morning I awoke to find Monday had sneaked up on me again.

I miss having lazy weekends, sure - but if all this stuff I'm doing pays the dividends I'm hoping for, these extra days of work will have been terrific investments, indeed!
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